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Spas & Pool

Massages & Treatments

Massage services available in our relaxation area:

Included with every massage:

  • Selection of herbal teas
  • Three hours access to the spas, saunas & pool

Massages available 7 days a week from 9:30am to 9:30pm,

Massage therapists onsite 7 days a week


A reservation for your massage is recommended but not required.


Swedish Massage....                  (60 - 90 min) $60/hr
A classic oil massage providing deep muscle relaxation, detoxifying the body, rejuvenating the mind and releaving stress.

A system of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions that apply pressure between muscles and bones, rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Therapeutic Massage....             (60 - 90 min) $60/hr

Works to heat muscles and tendons that are strained or knotted. It holistically treats the body whose aime is to traces the discomfort back to the original cause. It uses specialised techniques to support and speed up the body's own repair mechanisms. The massage is applied directly to the skin usually with an oil lubricant. Passive stretching moves are also employed.

Our Registered Massage Therapists will customize your massage according to your needs to ensure you receive the most from you time with us.


Hot Stone Massage....                            (90 min) $95

Stone therapy is a thermotherapy, using stones to provide both heat and cold and the combination of alternating temperatures can be very beneficial. The heated volcanic stones are used on key acupressure sites and the heat relaxes the muscles, allowing for a much deeper massage. Heated stones can also be placed on the body’s chakras, or energy points, working with the body’s natural energy to create balance both physically and mentally. Alternatively, the stones can be used as a kind of “place marker”, letting the therapist know where more specific massage or treatments are needed.

The stones come in different shapes and sizes and the therapist will select the stones according to your needs.

The special hydrophilic scentao massage oil used is refined from essential herbs which produces a pleasant erroma and revitalizing effect.


**Note: our Registered massage therapists (some or all of the cost of your massage may be covered by your health insurance plan) $60/hr per person (48 hrs advanced notice is recommanded)




Customers not staying at the Auberge can purchase a membership card or day-pass to the spa and pool area (limited quantity). Please ask reception personnel for details and price.

A DAY AT THE SPA....  Day Pass

  • $12.75** access to spas and pool
  • $17.50** access to spas, pool, saunas, gym and locker
  • $7.75** access to spas, pool, saunas, gym ( 55+ between 5am and 11am)

** Free access to daily pass services purchased for children 12 and under when accompaning their parent (max. 2 children per parent).

VIP Card Membership


  • 1 month:    $65
  • 3 months :  $160
  • Yearly :      $575
  • Guest :       $17

Member access to : Spas,
                             Two steam rooms and dry sauna,

                             Gym with twelve workout stations,

                             Heated indoor pool

Membership details: Discount of 10% on all regular priced massages, daily lockers (first come first serve), children 12 and under accompaning their parent are admitted free of charge (max. 2 per parent), membership card is non transferable.


You are 55 years and older...  TRY OUT OUR PINK CARD MEMBERSHIP

Details of Pink Card:  Card is non-tranferable for those 55 and older

Acess:  Monday through Friday from 5am to 11am

Services included: interior and exterior spas, steam rooms, dry saunas, gym and interior pool.  


  • 1 month:   $40 + taxes
  • 3 months : $95 + taxes
  • year : $320 + taxes

You only want to workout...  TRY OUR GREEN CARD MEMBERSHIP

Details of Pink Card:  Card is non-tranferable.

Acess: 7 day per week from 5am to 11pm

Services included: gym and its equipment.


  • 1 month:  $35 + taxes
  • 3 month:  $100 + taxes

Must be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent

Take a deep breath and leave your hectic lifestyle behind.
We invite you to experience a haven of peace in the heart of Maniwaki. Our trained professionals will help your body, mind and soul reach balance and tranquility. Our massage therapists have been trained to focus on the health and wellbeing concerns of clients.

Relax, be pampered and rejuvenated.

Massage and room packages available


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